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What are YouTube shorts videos?

YouTube Shorts has a dedicated section on the YouTube platform or app, allowing anyone to create short videos of up to 60 seconds. This feature is designed to drive engagement and increase awareness of your brand or content with videos as short as 15 seconds.

Unlike regular YouTube videos, Shorts can be shot using your mobile phone in a vertical video format. You can enhance these videos with animated text, music, and other elements before uploading them directly to the platform.

If you want to showcase multiple clips in one Short, you can easily compile them into a single 60-second video.


YouTube shorts advantage

Creating micro-videos on YouTube Shorts can help you produce low-effort content that brings attention to your main channel. By repurposing your existing content into intriguing clips, you can attract more viewers and subscribers.

Renowned publications like Wired have reported that 50% of viewers prefer videos shorter than 60 seconds as longer videos can be stressful to watch. Additionally, a report revealed that 57% of views on YouTube between July 2021 and July 2022 came from YouTube Shorts.

If you have a regular YouTube channel, continue focusing on it. However, don’t miss the opportunity to leverage YouTube Shorts to drive more traffic to your channel.


YouTube shorts video Monetization

If you don’t use music from the Shorts library and your views come from the homepage instead of the ‘shelf’ section, you are eligible to monetize your YouTube Shorts videos. For new creators, making Shorts can be a fast track to success on YouTube.

Unlike other short-form video platforms like Snapchat, YouTube Shorts don’t expire. The views and engagement you receive on these videos remain permanently on your profile and contribute to your overall watch time.

There are numerous ways to earn money from YouTube Shorts. You can secure brand deals, collaborate with influencers in your niche, and engage in affiliate marketing through your blog. The potential for earning money with YouTube Shorts is virtually limitless.


How do We Promote Your YouTube Shorts Video?

Promoting your YouTube Shorts video involves a mix of strategies, but a key step is buying YouTube Shorts views to jumpstart the process. Here’s how Social Zinger enhances your platform presence by delivering views from 100% genuine sources:

Real Views

When you buy YouTube Shorts views from Social Zinger, you receive them from authenticated accounts on the platform. This is in contrast to other services that provide fake or bot views, which YouTube often flags and removes, risking a drop in your view count.

By getting YouTube Shorts views from us, your content is exposed to real and active users who might engage with your video through likes or comments, depending on its appeal and value.

Instant Delivery

You don’t have to wait long to receive your legitimate views when you buy YouTube Shorts views from Social Zinger. Our dedicated team starts processing your order immediately after receiving it. Once your payment is confirmed, you should begin seeing an increase in views on your selected short video.

Other services may take 1 to 3 business days to deliver your views, but we promote your video by promptly bringing it to the attention of interested viewers.

Targeted Views

Social Zinger also promotes your content by providing views from a specific demographic of your choice. If you don’t specify, you’ll receive worldwide views. However, if you prefer views from a particular location, such as California or New York, our team can manage that for you.

This strategic promotion ensures that the most relevant audience sees and interacts with your video.

Our legitimate views can help boost your channel’s watch time for Shorts, bringing you closer to your monetization goals. So why wait? Buy YouTube Shorts views from Social Zinger and maximize your visibility and earning potential.


Why are YouTube Shorts Views Important?

Views on YouTube Shorts are crucial for businesses and content creators aiming to establish a robust online presence. Here are several reasons why having substantial views on your shorts content can propel your channel to greater heights:

Reach and Exposure

The exposure and reach of a YouTube Shorts video are directly tied to its view count. A high number of views increases the chances of your video being featured on YouTube’s Shorts “shelf,” exposing it to a larger audience. This heightened exposure enables you to introduce your content to potential subscribers and new viewers.

Potential of Going Viral

YouTube Shorts have a remarkable potential to go viral rapidly. An engaging video can quickly gain viral status, attracting a significant number of organic views and enhancing the visibility of your content and channel. Viral shorts can significantly expand your reach and influence by spreading engagement across your other channel content.

Increase in Engagement

Views are just the beginning; they often lead to various forms of engagement. If your Shorts video captivates viewers, they may like, comment, or share it, thereby increasing engagement. A video with higher engagement rates is more likely to be visible and credible to both viewers and the YouTube algorithm.

Opportunities for Monetization

YouTube is continuously exploring new ways to monetize Shorts content. For instance, reaching 10 million views on your shorts within the last 90 days qualifies you for the YouTube Shorts Partnership Program. Achieving a significant number of views is essential for unlocking other revenue-generating opportunities such as advertisements, channel memberships, and access to the merchandise shelf. Views directly impact your income potential as a content creator.

Brand Recognition

Whether you’re a brand or a content creator, building brand recognition is paramount. Purchasing YouTube shorts views can help create brand awareness and increase the likelihood of potential customers remembering and recognizing your brand. It also establishes your authority within your industry or niche. As viewers on YouTube notice the high view count on your shorts, they are more inclined to explore your videos and potentially subscribe to your channel, further strengthening your brand.

Growth in Subscribers

A high view count on your YouTube Shorts can lead to an increase in subscribers. Engaging Shorts videos encourage viewers to hit the subscribe button, explore more of your short and long-form content, and delve deeper into your channel, ultimately contributing to its growth.