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Anyone who knows their way around the internet knows that there is no way to market your content these days without knowing exactly how to navigate the mysterious beast called the ‘algorithm’. As counterintuitive as it sounds, popularity on Instagram, just as on most other social media platforms, grows exponentially — the more likes, views, and comments you have, the more you will continue to get.

Posts with more views end up on the explore page and user feeds a lot more often, giving your content more reach and more potential to reach the audience you want to target. If you run a small account, getting the right people to see your posts can be especially hard. In fact, chances are that the interest in your content will die off before it has had the chance to properly grow.

With a tool like ours, you can increase the number of views on your instagram posts so they are adequately advanced by the algorithm, and your account can realize its potential for building a large, dedicated audience over time. Our tool is specially designed to help your content reach the explore page, where the right people can find it and benefit from it, so your account can properly grow with time.